The Influence of AI in Healthcare Marketing

In 1951, Christopher Strachey, a pioneering British computer scientist and a key figure in the development of denotational semantics, accomplished a remarkable feat – he created an automated draughts bot (or checkers bot, as it’s known in the United States). This innovation marked the dawn of artificial intelligence (AI), a term that has become ubiquitous in our vocabulary.

Fast forward to 2023, and AI has undergone a profound transformation. For some, it’s a technological marvel that performs tasks with astounding precision, while for others, it’s seen as a looming threat to job security. Regardless of your perspective, one fact remains indisputable: AI is now an integral part of our reality.

AI has brought about a revolution in the way businesses operate, streamlining processes that once demanded hours of human effort and delivering results in a fraction of the time. Virtually no industry has remained untouched by its transformative power.


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